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Designing a product that collects authentic content from users is challenging and incredibly rewarding with only a few internet players having done this right with quality, and at scale. This talk provides a framework and model for breaking down the User Generated Content puzzle – How can we identify emotions and moments that make users want to thoughtfully contribute their knowledge? How do you convey to a host how good their content is? How can you move from gathering unstructured data to structured data that still feels human. And finally what role does design, research and product play in order get user generated content right? We’ll look at a UGC product journey where many tried and tested approaches were a washout but a few experiments succeeded and paved the way forward.

Vibha Bamba


Vibha Bamba from Airbnb

Ready? Set? Innovate!

This talk is for anyone who has asked the question: “How Do We Innovate?”. As more and more software development houses have adopted Agile methodologies as a way of delivering customer value quickly, it has become increasingly difficult to deliver innovation in a world where ‘keeping the lights on’ becomes the de facto for most organisations. How can UX teams learn to revaluate their value propositions whilst making sure that they continue to keep their stakeholders happy?

Mark Shahid

Thomas Cook


Using the future to design for the now

This talk will look at how we can use the future as a way to better understand people’s needs, desires, and behaviours in the present day. From building ‘provotypes’ — provocative prototypes which investigate the sentiment towards possible future scenarios — to co-designing visions of the future, the talk will show through case studies how the act of anticipating what’s next can create invaluable knowledge and insight to fuel the design of products, services, experiences, and organisations in the present day.

Santini Basra



Lady Luck has left for the day

It’s not luck, It’s choice. You’ve probably read that before somewhere on a motivational poster. As with all good arguments, there are two sides. I’ll take you through my lucky punches that only seem lucky in hindsight, and I’ll tell you about some of my worst choices, which turned out to be pretty great. All leading up to where I am today, going from a very poor project manager to team director with responsibility for the customer experience on some of DK’s largest B2B companies, running a successful meetup group for UX’ers and still thinking that 70% must be luck.

Helle Jensen




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Landing Your Dream Job Via Unconventional Means

Can luck change your life and your career when you least expect it? What if there are ways to improve that luck to help you land the career of your dreams? I’ll talk about how I went from an agency designer designing for Microsoft to an in-house designer at Microsoft via unconventional means and how you can make your own luck through those same means. What does it take to move from a career as a designer in a PR agency with a creative team of less than 15 to people to designing in-house for one of the largest tech companies in the world? Sometimes unconventional means, like social media, can be your best bet and change your life for the better.

Stephanie Drescher



Designing voice for kids

How do you design a voice experience for 2 to 7 year olds, an audience still learning to speak? That’s the challenge we faced when we created the CBeebies skill. We recently discovered 40% of utterances are not understood by the technology – you could say it’s luck if you’re going to be understood! Hear how we designed to increase the chances of being heard and created an experience kids loved to use.

Hazel Wyllie



Why you need luck to run a successful digital agency

Life is not a meritocracy and running a successful digital agency is no exception. Skill, passion, experience, and hard work are obvious requirements but how do you succeed in a highly competitive industry when everyone claims to have those traits? Find out how luck plays a part in running a digital agency, winning work, and undertaking the right projects. And how you can help stack the odds in your favour.

Gordon McLachlan



Luck doesn't happen by accident

Luck doesn’t happen to folk who sit back and wait for good things to come to them. Luck in the creative process only “appears” when hard work, experimentation, risk are added to the mix – combine this with never saying no to an idea will help the right solution be identified – when that happens you might feel you’re lucky – really you’re basking in the glory of your hard work. I’ll use some industry examples of how chance and luck and played a part in success and convey how industry leaders are not the “lucky ones”, there success is just the result of hard graft, opening opportunities and ensuring they are in the right place and the right time.

Andrew Purnell



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From upstart to millions of users

Luck played an important role in Sketch’s organic growth from a plucky upstart to a tool that’s used by over a million designers, every day.

In the pursuit of building a simple but powerful vector editor, founders Pieter Omvlee and Emanuel Sá ended up creating a platform that’s become synonymous with UI, UX and product design.

The team behind Sketch will share their story of growing a remote team, revolutionising the design space, and doing it all without leaving the home office.

Daniel Duke & Chris Downer



Keynote Speaker

Making the work is the easy part. Finding the time is the difficult bit. In this talk, Gavin Strange, a Director and Designer for Aardman Animations shares his stories and methods behind getting the most out of those pesky 24 hours, conveyed via the medium of bright colours and animated GIFs.

Gavin prides himself on being a “realistic idealist” or an “idealistic realist,” striking the balance between uncurbed enthusiasm and pragmatic process. Floaty sentiments aside, his presentation is about finding the energy and making the time to create things that matter.

That’s something he believes applies to everyone, from student to CEO!

Gavin Strange


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