Andy Clarke Founder, Stuff & Nonsense

Twitter: Malarkey

Andy Clarke is a well-known digital designer, speaker, and writer, based in the Republic of Wales. His designs have helped companies around the world to increase their sales pipeline and revenue, and charities to increase the amount they receive through donations. Andy founded Stuff & Nonsense, one of the best-known digital design studios, where he designed for Disney Store UK, Greenpeace, SunLife, and WWF. He’s written popular books on website design and development including ‘Art Direction for the Web,’ ‘Hardboiled Web Design,’ and ‘Transcending CSS.’

Andy’s been called plenty of things since he started working on the web. His ego likes terms such as “Ambassador for CSS,” “industry prophet” and “inspiring,” but he’s most proud that Jeffrey Zeldman (the godfather of web standards) once called him a “triple-talented bastard.””