Damien Gallagher Digital Design Lead, Which?

Twitter: damo_design

Damien Gallagher is a digital product designer and design leader with over 20 years industry experience.

Damien was studying at Winchester School of Art in the late 90’s when the university first acquired a handful of PC’s connected to what was then called the ‘Information Superhighway’ and was immediately intrigued by the possibility of publishing his own work on this new medium.

Damien taught himself ‘web design’ and programming and quickly found that these newly-found skills were in sharp demand by just about every organisation desperately trying to get themselves noticed online.

Damien set up his own design agency — Betenoir — which he ran for 11 years. It was so much fun but he was also glad when it ended, enabling him the opportunity to go back to actually doing the work he loves — collaborating with people and designing stuff.

Damien is Digital Design Lead at Which?, working inside a superb heritage brand, leading the design team through the organisation’s digital transformation, setting up a successful design system and unlocking the power of innovation with a move to collaborative, cross-functional product squads.