The Event

0900 - 1000

Registration & Exhibition

1000 - 1010

Day One Welcome with host Fiona Stalker

1010 - 1100

KEYNOTE: Mark Boyes-Smith: Leaning into design systems

Imagine you could call upon a superhero to accelerate product development, elevate user experience, and unite teams. Join mark as he introduces you to the untapped superpowers of design systems, and all you have to do is lean in.

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1100 - 1140

Graham McDonnell: In Defense of the Jack of all Trades

Being a jack of all trades almost always has a negative connotation associated with it, but why is that? I’ll discuss the creative benefits of exposure to multiple skills and the value that lies in the connective tissue between them.
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1140 - 1200


1200 - 1240

Helle Jensen: Despair of The Day and how curiosity may save you

How do we design for a reality that we ourselves are still adjusting to? How can we bring excitement to the experiences we craft in the middle of lockdown and burnout? I will examine two examples through my lens of leadership and curiosity; the design and implementation of the Danish Corona Pass app, which is both a necessary evil and the “ticket to freedom”. Secondly, I will tell the story of how infuriating, enlightening and powerful an experience it is to steer a team through a challenging project, when you are re-learning how to lead and inspire and where some days success is measured by the absence of disasters. And why that is ok.

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1240 - 13:10

Poppy Reid: Designers can use AI to help people reconnect with their well-being

Most of the news around AI these days focuses on how it’s taking over and should be feared. But what if designers came to understand the basics of what it can do, and use it to build products that make people happier? AI touches so many areas of our lives, from who we date to what we watch. It can also make us better designers and recapture that childlike curiosity that encouraged many of us to become designers. I’ll talk about what AI can do, what it means for designers, and how we know we’re impacting the future of humanity.

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1310 - 1410


1410 - 1450

Julian Brown: F**k Just Going Back to Your Office

We can’t afford to revert back to our old dysfunctional relationship with the workplace. Using humour and vulgarity, I’ll challenge attendees to think differently about their new day-to-day during and after the pandemic. We have a collective chance to make work better—for everyone. Let’s not f*ck it up.

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1450 - 1520

Alon Kiriati: The clashes of the titans - Usability vs. Security. Can they live together?

Security is critical for each and every app. One mistake or one breach can kill a business. However, security can sometimes be annoying and complicates simple flows. In this talk we will dive into one of these use cases – password strength. We will cover the importance of your customer’s passwords, learn how to estimate them and see tools that will help you evaluate those. We will also discover the trade-offs between product & security and how using a smart algorithm can make your UX simple without compromising security.

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1520 - 1550

James Tabiner: Connecting with stakeholders through prototyping

Prototyping is a powerful tool that we should utilise as often as possible. James will focus on the power of prototyping to demonstrate features and functionality in a visual and engaging format whilst providing worth to all stakeholders involved in your project. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings.

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1550 - 1610


1610 - 1640

Jonny Grubin: Connecting the dots of growth

You can’t smell the internet, and so SoPost’s digital product sampling platform became even more important when shops closed and we became starved of real-life interactions. In this session, Jonny will talk about his company’s journey over the past 2 years. We’ll look at how SoPost changed its ways of working in the pandemic and what the company is doing now to reconnect with customers, suppliers, and most importantly as a team. This is a story of growth, and how technology, people and organisational design combine to offer the most powerful product sampling experiences in a hybrid world.

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1640 - 17:30

KEYNOTE: Andy Clarke - Art Direction for the Web

A design talk that explains the concept of art direction, demonstrates how to use layout to convey a message and then shows how to implement those layouts using CSS Grid.

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1730 - 1740

Day One Close with host Fiona Stalker