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Day Two Welcome with host Fiona Stalker

1010 - 1100

KEYNOTE: Jeremy Keith: Design Principles For The Web

Designing and developing on the web can feel like a never-ending crusade against the unknown. Design principles are one way of unifying your team to better fight this battle. But as well as the design principles specific to your product or service, there are core principles underpinning the very fabric of the World Wide Web itself. Together, we’ll dive into applying these design principles to build websites that are resilient, performant, accessible, and beautiful.

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1100 - 1130

Helena Hill: Merging Worlds: Designing Digital Experiences for Travel

Travel is transforming. In this talk I’ll discuss how the worlds of digital design and physical space are merging to improve passenger experiences, efficiency and innovation Crucially, the success of new technology is dependent on user adoption and continuing engagement. How can designers bridge the gap between the two? We’ll take a look at some of the best examples of digital innovation from the rail and aviation industries and discuss how they were designed for travellers at all stages of their journey.

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1150 - 1230

Ade-Lee Adebiyi: How to reconnect with your creative self

Mental health awareness has become less stigmatised in the last decade however the COVID-19 pandemic has also challenged us all individually. Whether our circumstances we have been forced to become more resilient, mindful and creative. In my talk, I want to discuss how anyone can be a creative badass. Whether you are a seasoned developer or a paediatrician looking to become a product designer, let me help you reconnect with your creativity! Learn how to defeat perfection paralysis, work with your team to combat innovation lag and slay imposter syndrome to become the most badass creative version of you.

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1230 - 1310

Stewart Kyasimire: Designing, Diversity and Inclusion

I have always been the only Black designer in all my roles. As the lead designer I pushed for more diversity to no avail. Now I work in the Film and TV space, I am met with a similar experience. Young creatives need to see people that look like them in leadership roles. I have the Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram messages that can confirm this. I’d like to speak to the white design community and share my experience and hopefully this will help the colourful diverse creatives I yearned for.

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1410 - 1440

#DIBI2022 Panel: What does the future hold?

What happens next? What will change? Of the changes we’ve experienced already, what will persevere?
Join us as explore the post-pandemic landscape, and the implications of COVID-19 for brands, people and the world.
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1440 - 1520

Rafaela Ferro: Demystifying Accessibility

Why we need to stop avoiding accessibility and how to start integrating an empathy-driven process in software teams. We’ll look at actionable low-cost tips, tricks, and best practices to improve the inclusiveness of digital products without jeopardizing tight roadmaps and budgets. Connecting with all users starts with accessibility.

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1520 - 1550

Adam Cochrane & Onna Degerman: User Journeys for Action

In this talk, Onna and Adam will present an updated framework developed at Zalando. It helps to make user journey maps findable, actionable and impactful for teams, at scale. They will show you how to translate theory into practice, through an inclusive, multi-disciplinary process – always starting from the users, customers and business partners. By combining user journey maps with the jobs-to-be-done framework, Zalando’s over 160 designers can create clear common knowledge with all stakeholders. The result is better KPI’s that can be used throughout the product development process.

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1610 - 1640

Damien Gallagher: Beauty in an age of metrics

We put a lot of energy into making sure our digital products solve user problems. We strive to understand, predict and influence human behaviour in order to maximise efficiency for our users and create services they can’t live without. In all of that, we can easily lose sight of the qualities of what we’re producing and, most importantly, the emotional accessibility of the experience, which is key to real people considering and then continuing to use your product. This talk aims to unpack how to articulate, discuss and advocate for quality when everyone else is talking numbers.

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1640 - 1730

KEYNOTE: Viv Taylor: Can sharing save the world?

Shockingly, over 1/3 of all food produced globally is wasted. Viv will tell the story about how this stat pushed the creation of OLIO, a marketplace app that enables neighbours to share unwanted food in their area while, in turn, tackling the climate crisis. Viv will take you on the journey of how this “weird” app has grown from a Whatsapp group and some leftover sweet potatoes, to a 5 million-strong community.

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1730 - 1740

Day Two Close with host Fiona Stalker



Join us for a bite to eat at the post conference party at unique spot ‘The Caves’ which makes up the sub-structure of the 18th Century South Bridge. Time to network and relax after two days of great content.

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